Already one month on level 3.6!

A month has already passed since my next annual cycle – on February 3, level 3.5 came to an end, and I am now stepping into the 36th. The previous year has encompassed a lot of new experiences and self-transcendence, but also tremendous heartache that hijacked all my focus.

I went through my photos from the past year. Just like before, I was fortunate to welcome the new year of my life once again in Greece. The highlights of the last trip were undoubtedly the wild camping on the beaches and the discoveries of new places. There’s nothing I desire more than flying kites with children on the beach, enjoying the warm sun and fresh orange juice, and reflecting on life by the campfire in the evening.

This time, the journey is different. Before returning home, we will undoubtedly enjoy a pleasant period of wild camping, but this time we came to Crete consciously to spend the winter and be a part of the local life. Could this be the place to establish a winter home in the future?

Upon returning to Estonia year ago, we were greeted by the gray everyday life and cold spring. The goal for this year was to participate in as many competitions as possible to reignite the passion for organizing events for others. While managing the motocross track, we did not focus excessively. We started installing an irrigation system, hosted EHKK events, but decided not to organize competitions ourselves this year because the feeling wasn’t right. It’s challenging to keep giving to others and neglecting oneself.

So, instead of buying building materials for the work building upon returning home, I reserved an enduro bike at the Yamaha Center. In the meantime between having kids, I had sold my previous enduro bike, and a WR250F had been waiting for me there since fall. It was a delightful coincidence because my previous bike was exactly the same. The gut feeling was right, and we brought Mürru home.

Before I had even ridden a meter with it, I found myself at the starting line of my first roadbook rally! I wrote about these experiences here:

The moto orienteering season had already begun, and I went alone to some of the events. Handling a seven-meter bus with a long trailer alone was initially quite daunting and a completely new experience! But the motorcycle community is friendly and won’t leave you stranded! With the guidance of friends, maneuvering and reversing went smoothly. After all, experiences won’t come if you don’t try or practice. I’ll get the hang of it one day. The important thing is to take the initiative.

And there I was, already maneuvering around in the saddle of my old-school machine and breathing life into Motospirit magazine. Motospirit’s goal last summer was to gradually start and practice getting back to work alongside taking care of the kids. However, the adventures with Indy turned life and focus completely upside down. I have written about this topic repeatedly.

As life’s waves tended to grow over my head, my family sent me on my first solo motorcycle trip to Romania. And for me, this act of courage was undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s journey!

While in Greece and upon returning, it always seems to us that we have too many things in life! Thus, the summer passed under the sign of getting rid of the excess. Much was successfully cleared away, but one large 1100-square-meter building still awaits active entrepreneurs.

Somewhat at the invitation of friends, I ended up on a motorcycle journey to a manor in Central Estonia focused on breathwork. I have consciously used practices to calm myself or create focus through breathing. Even going into cold water, you breathe very deeply, and when all that fresh oxygen reaches your body, it brings so much clarity of mind. Try breathing a little deeper sometimes and feel how your spirit enriches, clearing your mind.

During the breathwork session, spending a whole three-quarters of an hour breathing deeply in and out, I reached a completely different dimension. It’s incredible what we ourselves are capable of! This experience cannot be described; it must be felt.

That summer evening continued with another awesome new experience as I rode to a farm where a simple women’s evening was organized for strangers. Thanks to Tahumatu for organizing it! It was also so amazing! Especially cool was wandering around a strange yard in the evening darkness, trying to figure out if I was in the right place. The table was set, but not a soul in sight. The women had gone for a walk by the lake, and I eventually found the group. It was an extremely enjoyable evening, and it was great to meet new people. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and expand your world.

And on some next day, I found myself at Keity Meier’s trial riding trial day! From this experience, I can tell you this much – I urgently need a trial bike! Now and right away! Since we have so much space at home, plenty of open land, and no neighbors, it’s the perfect way to spend time outdoors with the kids. Since they always want to be outside anyway, trial riding requires nothing special for practice. You put on your boots, and while the little rascals are busy in the sandbox, Mom can practice balance right next to them. A very nice machine, and it might finally help me learn to ride enduro as well.

In between, there was the organization of the fifteenth Central Estonia Tour, along with trying out a new BMW. Undoubtedly, I need one of those as well!  😀

And somehow, I found myself at the starting line of my first enduro race in life! It was a brutal experience!

Somehow, this season unfolded in a way that I never got the chance to ride my Mürru for training purposes. I rode it exactly as much as I competed with it. Weekends were consistently filled with competitions because Tuljog had taken its season, giving us plenty to participate in.

However, Tuljo arranged for me to revive the Yamaha TDM that had been sitting in the garage for years, and with it, I regularly made practical trips—whether to the city for a haircut or to Pärnu for therapy. I had long felt the need for external assistance, someone to help me sort out my thoughts and unravel certain things. The experience with Indy threw me off balance, and in general, I am quite emotional. As soon as there is a negative experience with some malicious person, I immediately get worked up! Therapy brought a lot of clarity, and I will definitely continue with this topic. For those who may need help, you can find contacts here:

And then came the crash! A collision at the Alakonnu Rally, which, in turn, brought life to a halt. My first broken bone! I will definitely write more about all of this.

But before that crash, I organized the Motorcycle Meeting in front of the Parliament building to protest what, in my eyes, was an absurd car and motorcycle tax. Where and why I decided to organize this, I don’t know! Some sense of justice just flashed so brutally within me this time that I couldn’t stay silent and bang my head against the shed door, muttering quietly to myself. This was accomplished even with the recent broken bone.

Since we couldn’t find any smart solutions or help in Estonia, neither for me nor for Indy, we packed our things and hit the road. The first stop was in Italy for EICMA, the largest motorcycle show in Europe, which we had to see. I rented a mobility scooter there and glided through the crowd on my electric vehicle. China. China. China. Electric. I had planned to write more about this experience afterward, but there’s actually nothing significant to note. Two words suffice: China and electric, and it doesn’t make me happy at all. 🙁

And so, we are currently here in Crete. The main focus is on both physical and mental health. The goal is to get everything in order – we visit doctors and hospitals, chiropractors, and engage in conversations with locals. It took me a while to adjust to the climate here, but it’s better to heal here than in dark Estonia.

I sifted through my old notebooks, filled with life philosophy nuggets that have helped me during difficult times. I started putting all of this into the computer, and perhaps, on a good day, I’ll share these thoughts with you in the form of an e-book. If these musings helped me, maybe they will be of help to someone else too.

On quite delightful to look back like this – so many new experiences fit into that life cycle! But what would I expect from level 3.6? I want more discipline and determination in my life. The last few years with little children have made life a bit chaotic because they have control over you 😀 I should probably take the reins back and engage in more actions. I raise a glass and send greetings! See you in April!