Mystical Bump with a Stranger Who Uncovered the Mystery of Crete for us

One day was filled with strange energy and unique meetings – I am still somehow startled, enchanted, and surprised. Had an immediate feeling that I must share all of this with you, as it was quite a mystical experience here in this foreign land!

Today is Friday, which means a market day for us. We drive from our village here in Crete about 20 kilometers to the next charming place called Elounda. Fresh supplies for the week have been procured from lively vendors, and we head to the nearby playground. Once the kids were satisfied, today they were interested in strolling along the coastline and exploring the boats docked at the pier.

At the moment the children were peeking over the edge observing fish, suddenly, an intriguing older man appeared out of nowhere. His face was sun-kissed, a modern earring with a sparkling gem-adorned his ear, and his eyes had a hint of a bluish-green hue. “Have you seen the octopuses?” he inquired after greeting us. “Oh, where are those octopuses? They are my favorites!” I responded.

“Always look at the bottom of the boat; if there’s even a bit of clay on it, that’s the octopus’s favorite. There are certainly many of them hidden under the stones, but they are not very visible because they blend in with the color of the rock,” explained the man. He added that he used to eat them in the past, but after they swam towards him in the sea and came on him, he felt they were friends with souls, he could no longer eat them.

I believe he totally read me

This interesting man walked along with me and the children, asking who we were and where we came from. I explained that we have an indescribable feeling that we always want to come back to Greece and feel particularly well here, as our homeland (Estonia) is quite different in many ways. “I know it! I can sense people from the north, but your eyes don’t have that coldness that others have had,” he said.

He lived for many years in Denmark, where he was married to a Dane. Later in Germany, where he also married, but the third time he did not marry again because he found out finally that marriage was not for him, and he wanted to be a free man. His children and grandchildren live in Denmark. He has traveled the world and even lived in South America.

The place we were currently in is surrounded by mountains – a basin-like area where the sea has now penetrated between the mountains. In ancient times, there was no water here as the man said, and an ancient Minoan city with 40,000 inhabitants was located. The reason everyone wanted to settle here was the place’s special aura, as if it were a satellite dish shape, receiving energy from the universe.

Down under there is this mystical place called Elounda, unfortunately, it doesn´t appear on this photo.

The man’s name is Giorgo. He explained further that Crete, especially the eastern part (where most villages and cities from a certain era have been found), has a special energy, a unique geomagnetic field that creates a sense of well-being in people. So, many who have open hearts feel a special desire to always return here.

This information sparked my interest, and the depths of the internet shed some additional light:

Some people believe that certain areas on the Crete island, especially in the east, have a unique geomagnetic field. It is thought to contribute to a sense of well-being and spiritual connection for those sensitive to such energies. The island has a long history in philosophy and spiritual teachings. Some people feel connected to ancient wisdom in Crete and seek inspiration or a deeper connection with their spiritual selves. Some people claim that on the eastern side of Greece, including Crete, there is a special geomagnetic field or energy that can influence people’s emotions and well-being.

Interesting, is this one of the reasons why it always pulls us back to this area? 😀

Giorgo told me much more about Minoan culture, energies, political and religious world schemes, and also that what we see with our eyes accounts for only 90 percent of what actually exists. The internet writes that Crete is famous as the homeland of the ancient Minoan culture, which is one of the oldest advanced civilizations in Europe.

He advised me to take life more easily, to be more present, and to worry less. To pay close attention to what and how I eat (keeping in mind how much we can poison ourselves with fast supermarket goods), and even recommended not to drink water from plastic bottles, but always to pour it into a glass and speak words onto the water. According to him, we are 70% water, and water supposedly has memory. Saying your secret wishes to water, he claimed, stores them in your organism.

He added that if you are stuck on a complicated issue, simply ask for guidance from the universe, and the answers will come. He mentioned this, of course, when the topic of Indy’s feet came up (our daughter has some health issues). Additionally, he asked me to note down if Indy once again talks about something strange from the “other world.”

@Elounda – thinking what the hell just happened? What a conversation!

In conclusion, he repeated to drink water, speak words to it, and a month later, we’ll meet right here – then I can tell him what has changed in my life. And just as he appeared, he disappeared. This situation and conversation with a total stranger was so odd and strange that I had goosebumps on my skin and butterflies in my stomach, as if from excitement. Wow, I was utterly astonished. I can’t put all the information and conversation into writing here because no one reads long stories nowadays 😀 but all of this together was somehow mysteriously fascinating.

Today, we went driving in the mountains and discovered the most beautiful places. Upon returning home, we ran into our neighbors who, for some reason, were particularly open today and wanted to give us a gift. They went to the mountains to collect some plants and brought some for us too. These need to be cleaned, lightly boiled, and eaten in olive oil-lemon sauce. Health is on the way! We will definitely give it a try.

More energy, this time from mountain water from neighbors

They also went to fetch water from a spring in the mountains and promised to show us where this magical place was. They even shared two bottles with us, and it resonated particularly well with the morning happenings, as our neighbor Marina mentioned that the mountains have energy, and this water is very special!

Today, there was indeed a feeling of how much more we have to discover and experience here?! These feelings, emotions, and conversations are very challenging to transmit in writing. It can only be experienced, but it’s just so wonderful here! And somehow mystical and so peaceful. Sending this warmth, kindness, open-mindedness, and friendliness to you too!

Müstiline kohtumine võõra mehega, kes lahendas Kreeta müsteeriumi

Üks päev oli kummalise energia ja omamoodi kohtumistega – olen siiani kuidagi ehmunud, lummatud ja üllatunud, et tuli kohe tunne peale, et pean seda kõike teiega ka jagama, sest siin võõrsil on maru!

Täna on reede, mis tähendab meie jaoks turupäeva. Sõidame oma külakesest siina Kreetal ca 20 kilomeetri kaugusele järgmisse toredasse kohta nimega Elounda. Vahvate kauplejate käest on nädala varu värsket kraami varutud, läheme kõrvalasuvale mänguväljakule. Kui lapsed olid isu täis saanud, siis täna oli neil huvi veidi mööda rannikut kolada ja kai ääres asuvaid laevu uudistada.

Samal hetkel kui lapsed üle serva kalu uudistasid, ilmus ei tea kust välja järsku üks äge vanem mehike. Nägu nii päikesepruun, kõrvas säramas üks moodne kivikesega kõrvarõngas ja silmis helkis veidi sinakas-rohekat toonigi. “Kas te kaheksajalgu juba nägite?” uuris ta meilt pärast tervitust. “Ohhoo, kus need kaheksajalad on? Need on mu lemmikud!” vastasin. “Vaata alati laeva põhja, kui mõne küljes on natukestki savi, siis see on kaheksajala lemmik, siis on siin kusagil läheduses kindlasti mõni kivi all peidus, aga neid väga ei näe, sest nad muudavad end kiviga sama värvi,” selgitas mees. Ta lisas, et vanasti sõi tema ka neid, aga pärast seda kui nad tulid meres ujudes tema peale ja ta tundis, et nad on sõbrad, kellel on hing, ei suuda ta neid enam süüa.

See huvitav mees jalutas minu ja lastega kaasa ja uuris, kes me oleme, kust tuleme. Rääkisin, et meil on sõnulseletamatu tunne, et me tahame alati Kreekasse tagasi tulla ja tunneme endid siin kuidagi eriliselt hästi, et meie maal on palju asju teisiti. “Ma tean seda! Tunnen põhjast tulnud inimesi, aga sinu silmis ei ole seda külma nagu teistel on olnud,” rääkis ta. Ta ise elas palju aastaid Taanis, kus oli taanlasega abielus. Hiljem Saksamaal, kus ka abiellus, kuid kolmas kord enam ei abiellunud, sest leidis, et abielu pole ikkagi tema jaoks ja ta tahab vaba mees olla. Lapsed ja lapselapsed elavad Taanis. Ta on rännanud maailmas ringi ja elanud isegi Lõuna-Ameerikas.

Down under there is this mystical place called Elounda, unfortunately, it doesn´t appear on this photo.

Koht, kus me parasjagu viibisime, on ümbritsetud mägedest – selline kausjas ala, kus mägede vahele on nüüd meri tunginud, kuid ennemuistsel aal seal selle mehe sõnul vett polnud ja siin paiknes iidne minoiline linn 40 000 elanikuga. Miks kõik aga just siia tahtsid elama asuda, oli paiga eriline aura olles oma justkui satellidipanni kujuga antenn universumist energia vahendamisel. Mehe nimi oli Giorgo. Ta selgitas veel, et Kreetal, just idapool (siitpoolt on leitud ka enim teatud ajastu külasid ja linnu) on eriline energia, eriline geomagnetväli, mis inimestes heaolutunde tekitab ja mistõttu paljudel, kel süda avatud, tekib eriline tahtmine alati siia tagasi pöörduda.

See info tekitas minus huvi ja internetiavarused veidi valgustasid lisaks:

Mõned inimesed usuvad, et teatud aladel saarel, eriti selle idaosas, on unikaalne geomagnetiline väli. Arvatakse, et see aitab kaasa heaolu ja vaimse ühenduse tundele neile, kes on tundlikud selliste energiate suhtes. Saarel on pikk ajalugu filosoofia ja vaimsete õpetuste vallas. Mõned inimesed tunnevad end Kreetal seotuna iidse tarkusega ning otsivad inspiratsiooni või sügavamat ühendust oma vaimse minaga. Mõned inimesed väidavad, et Kreeka idapoolsel poolel, sealhulgas Kreeta, on eriline geomagnetiline väli või energia, mis võib mõjutada inimeste tundeid ja heaolu.

Huvitav, kas see on üks põhjustest, miks meidki siiakanti alati tagasi kisub? 😀

Giorgo jutustas mulle veel palju minoilisest kultuurist, energiatest, poliit- ja religioosse maailma petuskeemidest ja sellestki, et see, mida me silmadega näeme, pole sellest 90 protsentigi, mis kõik tegelikult olemas on.

Internet kirjutab, et Kreeta on kuulus antiikaja Minoilise kultuuri kodumaana, mis on üks vanimaid arenenud tsivilisatsioone Euroopas.

Mees tajus mind väga tugevalt

Ta soovitas mul võtta elu vabamalt, olla rohkem hetkes ja vähem muretseda. Jälgida hoolega, mida ja kuidas sööd (pidades silmas kui palju me end kiire poekraamiga mürgitada võime) ja isegi vett ei tasuks juua plastpudelist, vaid alati valada klaasi ja veele sõnad peale lugeda. Tema sõnul oleme 70% vesi ja veel olevat ta sõnul mälu. Kui öelda veele oma salasoovid, talletub see su organismi.

Ta lisas veel, et kui oled mõne keerukama teemaga tupikus, küsi lihtsalt universumist juhatust ja küll need vastused tulevad. Seda märkis ta muidugi seepeale, kui Indy jalgade teema jutuks tuli. Lisaks palus ta mul kirja panna, kui Indy taaskord midagi kummalist nö muust maailmast räägib.

@Elounda – thinking what the hell just happened? What a conversation!

Lõpetuseks kordas veel, et joo vett, loe sellele sõnad peale ja kuu pärast kohtume siinsamas – siis räägid, mis su elus muutunud on. Ja niisamuti kui ta ilmus, ta ka haihtus. See olukord ja vestlus võhivõõraga oli niivõrd kummaline, et mul oli kananahk ihul ja kõhus justkui ärevusest liblikad. Wow, ma olin pahviks löödud. Kogu infot ja jutuajamist ma siia kirja ei jaksagi panna, sest keegi ei loe tänapäeval enam pikki jutte 😀 aga see kõik kokku oli kuidagi kummaliselt müstiline.

Käisime täna mägedes sõitmas ja kauneimaid paiku avastamas. Koju jõudes trehvasime kokku naabritega, kes mingil põhjusel olid täna eriliselt avatud olemisega ja tahtsid meile kingituse teha. Nad käisid mägedes korjamas mingeid taimi ja tõid meile ka. Need tuleb ära puhastada, kergelt keeta ja süüa oliiviõli-sidruni kastmes. Tervis tuleb mis mühiseb! Kindlasti katsetame ära.

Veel rohkem energiat – naabrid tõid mägedest vett

Lisaks käisid nad mägedest allikast ka vett toomas ja lubasid meile näidata, kus see võlukoht on. Jagasid meilegi kaks pudelit ja hommikuse teemaga haakus see eriliselt, et naabrinaine Marina sõnas, et mägedel on energia ja see vesi on väga eriline!

Täna tekkis küll tunne, et mida kõike meil siin küll veel avastada on ja mida kõike kogeda?! Neid tundeid, emotsioone, jutuajamisi on väga keeruline edasi anda. Seda saab vaid kogeda, aga lihtsalt nii tore on siin! Ja kuidagi müstiline ja nii rahulik. Saadame seda hingesoojust, headust, avatud meelt ja sõbralikkust teile ka!