Why do you do what you do?

Listening to Marie Forleo’s B-School module today made me to philosophize about life. Why do I do what I do? What’s the reason behind it? And what are the reasons behind my dreams, those big why’s? Do your actions have deeper motivations?

Often people look at our family’s lifestyle and way of living and ask – how? I don’t even know exactly, and actually, it’s not important at all. Much more important is why we live differently. Our desire is to be free and engage in activities that we truly enjoy and nourish our souls. Additionally, we want to be present for our children, involve them in all activities, and be together as a family all the time. I know many worry about why our kids don’t go to kindergarten 😄 but continue worrying in peace 😊

But freedom also has a cost – we have given up many things that are considered normal in society. We don’t have a leased car filled with the latest electronic gadgets, our TV cost maybe 150 euros years ago and we don’t really use it much. To keep warm indoors during the cold period, we have to make an effort ourselves, but we don’t pay monthly heating bills. We have given up many modern conveniences so that we have the opportunity to lock the doors and leave for months if necessary.

Why do I want to continue with my MotoSpirit theme and really focus on it? Because this idea doesn’t leave me – there are so many inspiring people, actions, and stories in the world that deserve to be shared! And I feel that if the inspiring stories of others reach further, it would inspire many, including myself, to live and dream bigger. And many actions deserve both recognition and attention!

Whether it’s a hobby or a lifestyle, too little is still said about all the hustle and bustle of the two-wheeled life. Oh, who will come now and inspire me to finally get it together and start acting? 😄 Undoubtedly, this is the world where I want to operate.

Why do I blog? To bring up topics to the public that mainstream media may not cover. To share information, and stories, to make people think about certain things, to support and encourage, to seek help and support myself.

Why do I want to organize events? Because it’s so awesome and makes me feel alive! Taking responsibility, thinking everything through, and planning – it’s a huge challenge, but it gives me a great sense of self-improvement. Perhaps organizing moto events is also my contribution to keeping this world alive. It was easy to fall into a hole and take a break from everything, but I have started climbing out again, ready for new actions. I’m already in touch with the ambulance and timing – info for the wild beasts! 😉

There have been many emotionally difficult times, and during those moments, I have gathered a lot of information from the internet from various sources that have supported me on my journey. Unfortunately, dealing with Indy’s issue drags me down mentally again, and here in Crete, I started taking care of my emotional well-being again. I had brought all my notebooks filled with valuable thoughts and began to pick out the best thoughts and tricks for myself.

At some point, dealing with these topics, it occurred to me that if these thoughts had helped me, maybe they would help someone else too? The next moment came: “Pff… what are you going to share your life philosophy with others?” And now I’m struggling with the thought of whether to shape these life philosophical wisdom and tips into an e-book or not? Why could I do that? I know that very specifically. Now I need to somehow suppress this modesty.

Marie talked in her video about how easy it is to lose yourself in today’s world, but if you clarify to yourself why you do something, it’s much easier to keep focused. So, it’s necessary to write down very specifically what your goals are, what you want, and WHY you want it. Easy to say, but I’m trying it out. If I don’t know why I want something, it’s easy to stray from the path. But if I have a specific reason, it helps me get back on track easier when I go astray. We need clear, specific goals and reasons why we want to achieve them because it creates perseverance and strength. The theory is simple, let’s put it into practice!

When your goals, desires, and reasons truly come from your heart, you break through and bring your ideas to life. Reasons come first, and answers come next. So let’s put aside the how for now and focus on why we need to act 😊 It’s necessary to decide what I want and why I want it. So, golden words to myself: Maria, don’t mess around, keep your eye on the target! Both in the saddle and in life! Bon voyage!